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At approximately 8600 feet elevation, this small community rarely exceeds temperatures of 75 F in the hottest months. The beautiful summer scenery makes hiking and wildlife viewing a pleasant experience. The Little Colorado River flows through Greer, and there are three reservoirs in the area kno...
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Jacques Marsh
Description: In 1978, the Town of Pinetop/Lakeside initiated construction of a marsh complex to treat wastewater effluent. Cooperators included the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Pinetop/Lakeside Sanitary District, and Arizona Game and Fish Department, who agreed to maintain the area for waterfowl habitat. This site offers a 130-acre marshland surrounded by pinyon-juniper woodland and 7 ponds with 18 islands for bird nesting habitat. The topography is gentle rolling land with a northerly slope. The vegetative communities are predominately pinyon–juniper woodland and deciduous woodland.

Wildlife to Watch: The marsh area attracts a variety of wildlife, including wetland birds, mule deer, elk, bald eagle (during winter months) and other birds of prey, and songbirds. Permanent resident birds include Bewick’s wren and belted kingfisher. Bank swallow and purple martin can be seen during migration periods. In the summer, sora and yellow-headed blackbird are common in cattails. Open areas in the grassland provide habitat for loggerhead shrike, western kingbird, western bluebird, northern mockingbird, and vesper, lark, and savannah sparrows. Woodlands surrounding the ponds contain species such as white-breasted nuthatch, juniper titmouse, and black-throated warbler. Waterfowl that have been observed include mallard, northern pintail, redhead, bufflehead, canvasback, green-winged and cinnamon teal. Other wildlife includes Gunnison’s prairie dog, southwestern fence lizard, gophersnake, terrestrial gartersnake, eastern collared lizard, greater short-horned lizard, and tarantula.

Special Tips: 

Ownership: U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests 
Size: 130 acres 
Closest Town: Pinetop/Lakeside


Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Yellow-headed Blackbird - photo by Bruce Taubert
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Driving Directions:
From the traffic light at the junction of State Hwy. 260 and Penrod Road in Lakeside, proceed north 1.5 miles on Penrod Road to Juniper Drive. Take this dirt side street through a residential area and over a cattle guard. Follow the road curving to the right and over a second cattle guard to a parking lot and information kiosk 0.7 miles from Penrod Road.

For more information call 928-368-5111.

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Jacques Marsh : Wildlife Viewing Area