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Grand Canyon National Park
The significance and appeal of the Grand Canyon is not limited to spectacular vistas and fascinating geology. The park contains several major ecosystems and great biological diversity. It spans nearly 8,000 feet in elevation, from the Mohave Desert scrub regions along the Colorado River in the pa...
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Vermilion Cliffs Condor Viewing Site
Description: The California condor soars the skies of Arizona once again, thanks to a reintroduction effort that began here at Vermilion Cliffs in 1996. A condor viewing kiosk at the west end of the monument invites visitors to look for these enormous black birds. From the kiosk, visitors are almost guaranteed to see condors soaring above the beautiful Vermilion Cliffs at any time of year. Viewing is best at mid-to late morning with the aid of binoculars or a spotting scope.

Wildlife to Watch: In addition to the California condor, look for peregrine falcon, prairie falcon, and golden eagle, as well as a variety of reptiles and amphibians, such as gopher snake, Great Basin eastern collared lizard, common sagebrush lizard and greater short-horned lizard. Bighorn sheep, pronghorn, mountain lion, and other mammals such as white-tailed antelope squirrel, rock squirrel, badger, ringtail, and spotted skunk may also be present. The many cliffs and rock outcrops are home to white-throated swift and violet-green swallow.

Special Tips: Permits, available on-line, are required for hikes in Paria Canyon and the Coyote Buttes area.

Wilderness area, no off-road vehicles allowed.

Ownership: Bureau of Land Management 
Size: 294,000 acres 
Closest Town: Jacob Lake


Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

California Condor - photo by Chris Parrish
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Driving Directions:
To the Condor Viewing Site/Kiosk: From Jacob Lake go east on Hwy 89A down the switchbacks. Turn north on House Rock Valley Road (BLM Rd 1065) and travel 3 miles up to the viewing kiosk. From Page, travel south on Hwy 89 to the Hwy 89A turnoff to Lees Ferry/Jacob Lake. Go north on Hwy 89A past Marble Canyon Lodge, Vermilion Cliffs Lodge, and Cliff Dwellers Lodge. BLM Rd. 1065 is just past the snow chain-up area at the end of the valley. Just north of the junction of Hwy. 89A and BLM Rd. 1065 is a sign denoting entrance to monument.
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Vermilion Cliffs Condor Viewing Site : Wildlife Viewing Area