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Dowd Junction Elk Viewing Area
Steep, southwest-facing slopes covered with mountain shrubs - mountain mahogany, chokecherry and serviceberry - and small stands of aspen and lodgepole pine. The Eagle River runs along its base.
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Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge
Description: Open ponds and irrigated meadows offer excellent habitat for nesting waterfowl, shorebirds, and marsh birds. Upland areas of sagebrush flats and knolls. Areas of trees and shrubs along the Illinois River provide excellent birdwatching and chances to see moose.

Wildlife to Watch: Spring and summer offer outstanding viewing of waterfowl and shore and marsh birds. Peak waterfowl migration in late May. Sage grouse, pronghorn, prairie dogs, and mule deer utilize upland sagebrush areas. Summer raptors include swainson’s hawks, northern harriers, and kestrels. Golden eagles re resident. Muskrats, Wyoming ground squirrels, jackrabbits, and coyotes are all common. Moose and elk are found along the Illinois River. A six-mile self-guided auto upland and wetland habitats and species. A 0.5-mile interpretive nature trail along the Illinois River near the Refuge headquarters offers the chance to see moose, beavers, and otters. Nearby Walden Reservoir is very good for shorebirds in spring and fall. Avocets are commonly seen feeding in shallow water. Good habitat for Canada geese, dabbling and diving ducks.

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Ownership: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; BLM 
Size: 23,244 acres 
Closest Town: Walden

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Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge - photo by USFWS
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For information call (970) 723-8202.

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Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge : Wildlife Viewing Area