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Lake Earl Wildlife Area
Isolated lakes Earl and Talawa are connected lagoons, bordered by salt and freshwater marshes and groves of Sitka spruce and red alder. Lake Earl is a staging area for 100,000 migratory birds, including Aleutian Canada geese and canvasbacks. Wetlands, riparian corridors, and forests attract man...
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Mattole Recreation Site
Description: The undisturbed beach, tidepools, dunes, and estuary of the Mattole River mark the north end of the King Range National Conservation Area.

Wildlife to Watch: Excellent year-round viewing. During winter please remain several hundred yards away so birds can rest.

Salmon and steelhead spawn in the river, drawing wintering ospreys and bald eagles. The lush riverside vegetation is a year-round home to Bewick’s wrens, marsh wrens, and wrentits and a summer home for many warblers, finches, and other songbirds. Great blue herons roost on the north side of the estuary. Semipalmated plovers, black turnstones, killdeer, and other shorebirds inhabit the estuary shallows. Deeper water attracts common loons, red-breasted mergansers, western grebes, and other diving ducks from fall to early spring. As the seasons change, red-necked phalaropes, horned grebes, and surf scoters fish beyond the surf. Watch for harbor seals and sea lions at the river mouth or walk north on the beach 0.75 miles to see sea lions hauled out on the offshore rock. During December and January look seaward for spouting California gray whales.


Ownership: Bureau of Land Management 
Size: 20 acres 
Closest Town: Petrolia

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Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Mattole Recreation Site - photo by BLM
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Driving Directions:
From Garberville, take Highway 101 north about 25 miles. Take the Honeydew exit, turn left on Bull Creek (Mattole) Road and drive 22 miles. At Honeydew turn west (toward Petrolia) and drive 13.5 miles. Before crossing river, turn west on Lighthouse Road. Proceed 5 miles to parking area. From Ferndale, take Petrolia Road 30 miles to Petrolia. Go 0.75 miles past Petrolia, crossing the river, and turn west onto Lighthouse Road. Continue 5 miles to parking area.

For more information call (707) 825-2300.

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Mattole Recreation Site : Wildlife Viewing Area