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Lloyd Center for Enviro. Studies and Demarest Lloyd State Park
A 100-year-old oak/hickory forest meets the sea at the Slocums River estuary. An extensive visitor center with an observation deck makes the Lloyd Center an exceptional viewing and educational site. The larger, unstaffed Demarest Lloyd State Park adds a freshwater marsh, salt marsh, brackish po...
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Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
Description: On the surface, Stellwagen Bank appears identical to the surrounding waters of cape Cod Bay and the Gulf of Maine. Underwater, however, a 117-square-mile plateau rises from the ocean floor to an average depth of 100 feet. This produces an upwelling of ocean currents and nutrients that result in a rich bloom of plankton, the foundation of the marine food web. Bottom-dwelling invertebrates, shellfish, and small finfish feed on the plankton and are in turn fed upon by larger predators including ground fish like cod, haddock, flounder; numerous resident and migratory sea birds; and summering great whales. Located 3 miles from Cape Cod to the south and 3 miles from Cape Ann to the north, Stellwagen Bank is accessible by boat from much of the Massachusetts coastline.

Wildlife to Watch: Binoculars and camera are recommended for up-close looks and photos of humpback, right, minke, and fin whales; Atlantic white-sided dolphins; or the occasional leatherback, loggerhead, or Atlantic ridley sea turtle. Anticipate a whale’s spout or the flash of an extended fin or fluke, and look for irregularities in the surface of the sea, which might indicate activity below. Bird life includes fulmars, shearwaters, petrels, gannets, gulls, razorbills, murres, and puffins. Watch for quick fly-bys or flocks of birds rafting together on the ocean surface.

Special Tips: Many boats have naturalists on board who identify and describe the wildlife encountered. Research is conducted to identify individual whales and to learn about longevity, habitat needs, and reproduction. Information available from the Massachusetts Office and Travel and Tourism (617) 727-3201 will include lists of whale-watching ships and their respective ports.

Be prepared with extra clothing for sudden changes in weather.

Other Activities: Whale-watching cruises are the best public means of enjoying Stellwagen Bank. Contact the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism to get up-to-date information and literature on boats leaving from Cape Ann, Boston, the south shore, and Cape Cod.

Ownership: NOAA 
Size: 842 square miles 
Closest Town: Provincetown

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Humpback Whale - photo by USFWS
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Driving Directions:
For information call (508) 747-1691.

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Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary : Wildlife Viewing Area