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Ledgeview Nature Center
Ledgeview, noted for its cave habitats and resident bats, encompasses forest, prairie, and rocky ledges.
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Buena Vista Grasslands Wildlife Area
Description: This vast grassland landscape supports Wisconsin’s largest remnant population of greater prairie chickens.

Wildlife to Watch: Witness the spring pre-dawn territorial breeding display of the threatened greater prairie chicken. VIEWING ACTIVITIES ARE CLOSELY CONTROLLED AND ALLOWED ONLY FROM BLINDS TO PREVENT DISTURBANCE OF THE BIRDS. During other seasons of the year, enjoy the abundant eastern and western meadowlark, bobolink, grassland sparrows, upland sandpiper, sandhill crane, northern harrier, and American kestrel. Look for badger and Franklin’s ground squirrel.

Special Tips: Observe from the public roads on viewing route or walk through the grassland. State property marked with yellow prairie chicken signs. Roadside parking only. Observation blinds are available daily beginning early April (fee/reservations). RESPECT RIGHTS OF PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNERS.

For information call (608) 339-3385.

Ownership: WDNR 
Size: 12,000 acres 
Closest Town: Bancroft


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Greater Prairie Chicken - photo by USFWS
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Buena Vista Grasslands Wildlife Area : Wildlife Viewing Area