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Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Scattered over 750 square miles of Lake Superior waters, the 22 Apostle Islands support a northwoods wildlife community associated with hemlock hardwood and boreal forests.
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Crex Meadows Wildlife Area
Description: One of Wisconsin’s premier wildlife viewing areas, this vast complex of wetlands, flowages, brush-prairie, and forests is intensively managed to support common and endangered wildlife species.

Wildlife to Watch: Waterfowl arrive in late March. Some just stop for rest and refueling and others establish breeding territories. Broods of resident giant Canada geese provide enjoyable viewing in May and June. Loon, grebes, bitterns, yellow rail, sandhill crane, sedge and marsh wren, along with yellow-headed blackbird, common yellow-throat, northern harrier, LeConte’s and swamp sparrow, osprey, and eagle make the wetlands their home during warm months.

Also look for mink, muskrat, beaver, Blanding’s turtle, chorus frog, spring peeper, Cope’s gray treefrog, and salamanders. Find federally listed endangered trumpeter swans on the flowages through summer. In April, sharp-tailed grouse stamp out mating dances in the open while Franklin’s ground squirrel, pocket gopher, and badger burrow underground. Savannah, vesper, and clay-colored sparrow, upland sandpiper, prairie skink, and hognose snake are other special residents of the sand prairies. Deer, black bear, bobcat, snowshoe hare, ruffed grouse, squirrels, flycatcher, and warblers inhabit the oak, jack pine, and aspen forests. Waterfowl numbers peak in October as Canada goose, snow goose, and ducks of every sort congregate by the thousands. Whit pelicans are occasional spring visitors. Great gray owls migrate from Canada in extremely cold winters.

Special Tips: Maps, auto tour, and other information at headquarters.

Other Activities: Crex Meadows is easily toured by car: an excellent viewing blind.

Ownership: WDNR 
Size: 30,000 acres 
Closest Town: Grantsburg

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Beaver - photo by USFWS
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Crex Meadows Wildlife Area : Wildlife Viewing Area