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Scotland Brook Wildlife Sanctuary
A brook, fields, wetlands, northern hardwood forest, and spruce-fir forest are here to explore. The area supports a large variety of fauna including twenty-two kinds of mammals, eighty-six bird species, four species of reptiles, and eleven kinds of amphibians. One area is managed for filed-grow...
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Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge
Description: Nestled in the White Mountains north of the Presidential Range, the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1974. The refuge consists of Big and Little Cherry Ponds. No roads lead to the ponds, however, you can reach Big Cherry Pond from near the Whitefield Airport by a trail following the old Maine Central Railroad snowmobile corridor. Big and Little Cherry Ponds are completely natural, having been created by beaver dams. Both are somewhat marshy and contain much submerged, floating, and emergent vegetation. Of significance are the sixty acres of nearly open sphagnum and heath bog mat which surround Big Cherry Pond and a black spruce-tamarack bog forest.

Wildlife to Watch: Moose and white-tailed deer frequent the area, and there is considerable beaver activity. The two ponds are important breeding areas for green-winged teal, ring-necked ducks, American black ducks, wood ducks, and occasionally, hooded mergansers. Other birds known to spend the summer at the ponds include pied-billed grebes, great blue herons, American bitterns, northern harriers, Virginia and sora rails, common snipes, mourning and Wilson’s warblers, rusty blackbirds, and Lincoln’s sparrows. More than forty species of water birds have been recorded during migration periods.

Special Tips: 

Ownership: ASNH 
Size: 310 acres 
Closest Town: Whitefield and Jefferson


Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Sora - photo by Bruce Taubert
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Driving Directions:
From Route 3 in Whitefield, follow signs for Whitefield Airport. Continue on Hazen Road until you are across from the power plant. You will find a parking area and an access trail along the old Maine Central Railroad snowmobile corridor.

For more information call (603) 224-9909.

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Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge : Wildlife Viewing Area