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Oliver Lee Memorial State Park
Surrounded by desert, the beautiful oasis shelters a variety of plants and wildlife. Along the west face of the Sacramento Mountains, the walls of Dog Canyon rise more than 2,000 vertical feet from the arid Tularosa Basin to the west. Freshwater springs, seeps in canyon walls, and perennially f...
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Fort Bayard
Description: This site is a good example of Upper Sonoran Life Zone habitat. Pinon/juniper and grasslands at the south end of the area give way to ponderosa pine and Gambel oak woodlands where the property meets the mountains.

Wildlife to Watch: Excellent roadside viewing of elk, in pre-dawn or just after sunset-elk may be seen year-round, but are best viewed winter and spring. Some of the best viewing on foot is found along the Cameron Creek trail. Very good year-round viewing of Coue’s white-tailed deer, especially around the hospital grounds. Good to excellent viewing of tarantula, many lizard species, coyote, jackrabbit, and mule deer year-round. Good viewing of red-tailed and Cooper’s hawk, Montezuma quail, band-tailed pigeon, great horned and long-eared owl, wild turkey, western and Cassin’s kingbird, chipping sparrow, and the plain titmouse, April through September. Occasional viewing of bobcat, badger, black bear, and porcupine.

Special Tips: Visit in may when yucca plants bloom and elk devour the flowering stalks.

Ownership: U.S.D.A. Forest Service 
Size: N/A 
Closest Town: Silver City


Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Elk - photo by USFWS
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Driving Directions:
Travel 6.5 miles east of Silver city on U.S. Highway 180. Turn left at the Fort Bayard/Central intersection and continue 0.5 miles to the main gate. Enter for grounds, watching for a series of small brown Forest Road 536 signs, posted at frequent intervals among buildings. Follow signs past buildings and continue 3 miles on gravel road. Cross a cattleguard, pass the Forest Service site on right, and turn left at the National Recreation Trails Road. Go 0.25 miles to a small parking lot-five hiking trails start here, including Cameron Creek.

For more information call (505) 388-8201.

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Fort Bayard : Wildlife Viewing Area