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Mormon Lake - Doug Morrison Overloook
Mormon Lake is the largest natural lake in Arizona, though water levels vary dramatically from year to year, and in drought conditions the lake has been known to go completely dry. Mormon Mountain looms on the west side of the lake. The lake was formed in a natural depression created as the limes...
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Pumphouse Greenway / Kachina Wetlands
Description: Pumphouse Greenway and Kachina Wetlands offer a unique, wetland-wildlife watching opportunity in an easy-to-access, urban setting near Flagstaff. Pumphouse Greenway is a rare, high-elevation wet meadow, where spring-fed sheet flows of water lead to a meandering stream through Pumphouse Wash. Part of Coconino County Parks and Recreation’s Open Space, Pumphouse Greenway is a nationally recognized “Five-Star Collaborative Conservation Project”.Kachina Wetlands is a wastewater treatment facility maintained by Kachina Village Improvement District, just up the hill from Pumphouse Greenway, where several wastewater treatment reservoirs and surrounding vegetation attract both birds and birders. The sites are within a mile of each other, so visit both areas together to view wildlife in a diverse range of habitats.

Wildlife to Watch: In Pumphouse Greenway, visitors can see everything from grassland birds to waterbirds to forest birds in one place. In the meadow, Brewer’s and vesper sparrows are fairly common (among 11 sparrow species total); great blue herons forage for small fish and frogs; large choruses of red-winged blackbirds sing from the bulrush; and mallard, northern shoveler, green-winged teal, northern pintail, gadwall, and American wigeon are commonly viewed in the ponds in and around the meadow. Along the Pumphouse Wash nature trail, visitors may encounter western and mountain bluebirds, blue grosbeak, broad-tailed hummingbird, belted kingfisher, flycatchers, phoebes, 5 different species of swallows, and the occasional Lewis’s woodpecker. In late summer, large herds of elk congregate in the wet meadow, attracting hundreds of wildlife watchers. Red-tailed hawk, turkey vulture, American kestrel, and common raven are common throughout Pumphouse Greenway. Constructed wetlands and wastewater treatment ponds like those at Kachina Wetlands are hotspots for large numbers of waterbirds, as well as the occasional rare bird. Highlights include wintering bald eagles, ospreys, eared grebes, American white pelicans, Virginia rails, soras, phalaropes, yellowlegs, long-billed curlews, American avocets, and numerous species of ducks. Visit the Northern Arizona Audubon Society’s website for a complete bird list, www.nazas.org. Twilight visits may offer glimpses of elk, mule deer, coyote, western chorus frog, and several bat species.

Special Tips: Restroom open May 1 - October 1

Other Activities: Coconino County Parks and Recreation maintains two nature trails at Pumphouse Greenway, accessed from the parking lot. The Floating Trail is a short (1/8 mile) easy trail with a floating bridge that crosses a small pond.The Pumphouse Greenway Nature Trail heads west through Pumphouse Wash, and is a 3/4 mile round-trip, easy trail with wildlife viewing blinds (not enclosed), benches, and 4 educational displays.

Ownership: Coconino County Parks and Recreation, Kachina Wetlands-Kachina Village Improvment District 
Size: 134 acres 
Closest Town: Flagstaff

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Pumphouse Greenway - photo by Geoffrey Gross
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Pumphouse Greenway / Kachina Wetlands : Wildlife Viewing Area