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San Juan Island: Lime Kiln Point State Park
Lime Kiln Point is one of the most reliable places to see orcas (killer whales), minke whale, and Dall’s porpoises. There are three resident pods, or packs, of orcas, totaling about ninety animals, in the greater Puget Sound area, plus transient pods from Pacific Ocean and Canadian waters. Orca...
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Makah Bay and Cape Flattery
Description: Located at the far northwest corner of the contiguous United States, this is one of the best places in Washington to observe sea otters, which feed in kelp beds. Seabirds fly between the cape and nearby Tatoosh Island.

Wildlife to Watch: California gray whales swim offshore. Hobuck Beach offers tidepools and views of marine mammals, shorebirds, and migratory waterfowl, including trumpeter swans. Tidepools hold anemones, starfish, crabs, and shellfish.

Special Tips: Salmon run up the Sooes River to the Makah National Fish Hatchery. PLEASE RESPECT MAKAH INDIAN TRIBAL LAWS.

Ownership: Makah Indian Nation 
Size: N/A 
Closest Town: Neah Bay


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Sea Otter - photo by USFWS
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Makah Bay and Cape Flattery : Wildlife Viewing Area