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Chief Joseph Wildlife Area
The Nez Perce tribe once wintered in this deep, intricate chasm along Joseph Creek and Grande Ronde River to take advantage of the warmer micro-climate on the canyon floor. Today, the towering rock formations, steep grassy slopes, and riparian habitat support an incredible diversity of wildlife....
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Riverside State Park; Deep Creek Canyon
Description: A dense conifer forest gives way to large basaltic rock formations and this deep canyon, home to warblers and other songbirds. Canyon wrens nest here; their distinctive song echoes off the rock walls. White-tailed deer and Cooper’s hawks are residents; osprey and bald eagles are also seen.

Wildlife to Watch: Osprey nest along the Spokane River; look for wintering bald eagles at dusk. Listen for wrens and other songbirds in spring and summer. Deer and Cooper’s hawks are seen year-round. From the trailhead at the mouth of Deep Creek (on the Centennial Trail), walk up the creek bed or take the wooded trail bordering the canyon. Deep Creek Canyon can also be seen from State Park Drive.

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Ownership: Washington State Parks 
Size: 274 acres 
Closest Town: Spokane


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Canyon Wren - photo by Bruce Taubert
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Riverside State Park; Deep Creek Canyon : Wildlife Viewing Area