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Musselshell Meadows
This site presents a rare mix of marshy meadow habitat with dense coniferous forest. The willow-lined Musselshell Creek flows through boggy meadows and past an old mill pond. The area has a wide diversity of wildlife, especially in spring and summer.
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Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge
Description: Located 20 miles from the Canadian border and 5 miles from the town of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge is bordered by the rugged Selkirk Mountains to the west, the Kootenai River, Deep Creek to the east, and State lands to the south.

Kootenai Refuge provides diverse habitats that consist primarily of wetlands with associated uplands, and hardwood/conifer forests.

Wildlife to Watch: Although the purpose of the refuge is to provide migration habitat for thousands of waterfowl, more than 300 species of vertebrates, including nesting bald eagles, use the refuge for migration and breeding.

Several foot trails and an auto tour road are open from sunrise to sunset daily and offer the opportunity to view songbirds, raptors, deer, and other wildlife. A total of 230 bird species and 45 mammal species have been observed on the refuge.

Special Tips: Spring migrants include mallards, northern pintails, American wigeon, and tundra swans. Canada geese gather on the refuge during August and September, while mallards peak in November. Some waterfowl arrive in the spring and stay to nest on the refuge. The principal species are mallards, cinnamon and blue-winged teal, common goldeneyes, redheads, wood ducks, and Canada geese.

Ownership: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 
Size: 2774 acres 
Closest Town: Bonners Ferry


Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Mallards - photo by USFWS
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Driving Directions:
You can reach the refuge by taking Riverside Road, on the south bank of the Kootenai River, at Bonners Ferry.

Drive west for 5 miles to the refuge entrance. The office is 2 miles beyond the entrance. Drive with caution! The county roads are narrow and used by logging trucks.

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Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge : Wildlife Viewing Area