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Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge
The Lake Erie Marsh Region has historically been important to fish, migratory waterfowl, songbirds, and shorebirds. Large numbers of migrating songbirds stop in the area to rest during their spring migration. This amazing wildlife spectacle attracts a large number of visitors from across the coun...
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Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge
Description: The Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge conserves the "wild Ohio" within one of our nation's busiest inland waterways. Established in 1990, the refuge extends along 362 miles of the upper Ohio River with 22 scattered islands and three mainland properties. The refuge works to protect wildlife and habitats native to the Ohio River and its floodplain. Migratory birds and endangered freshwater mussels are among the important wildlife emphasized on the refuge.

Wildlife to Watch: The islands offer birds important stopover places during migration to feed and rest before continuing on journeys that may take them thousands of miles between wintering grounds and summer breeding areas. Birds that need mature bottomland hardwood forests will benefit from refuge long-term efforts to restore this important habitat.

Habitat protection is also important beneath the water's surface. In West Virgina and Kentucky, refuge ownership extends into underwater areas around its islands. Forty species of freshwater mussels, including at least two endangered species, live on the refuge.

Special Tips: Migratory Bird Day Count happens in the middle of May every year.

Ownership: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 
Size: 3300 acres 
Closest Town: Williamstown

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Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Freshwater Mussel - photo by USFWS
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Driving Directions:
Refuge headquarters are located at 3982 Waverly Road near Williamstown, WV.

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Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge : Wildlife Viewing Area