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Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge
Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is located in northwest Minnesota. Two packs of wolves, moose, bear, and 300 species of birds, including 17 breeding waterfowl species, make this refuge a wildlife wonderland. <br><br> The refuge, originally named Mud Lake Migratory Waterfowl Refuge, was ...
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Pembina Trail, Tympanuchus & Dugdale WMA
Description: These sites are native prairie preserves, located in the prominent gravelly beach ridges of Glacial Lake Agassiz, southeast of Crookston, MN. These are some of Minnesota’s most outstanding native prairies, featuring large expanses of marsh, grassland and calcareous fen.

The nearby Pembina Trail, a major oxcart route once used to haul goods between St. Paul and Winnipeg, gives the area historical significance. Terrain is fairly flat with ridges and swales present. These small changes in topography allow visitors towalk from dry to mesic to wet prairie in very short distances; a very unique opportunity. All three prairie types hold an array of flora and fauna. Moose can be seen here occasionally, and several pairs of eagles nest nearby. Prairie butterflies and unique prairie wildflowers add to the uniqueness of the area.

Wildlife to Watch: Many rare wildlife species are found on these vast prairie preserves, especially prominent are sharp-tailed grouse and prairie chickens, sandhill cranes in migration, marbled godwit, upland sandpiper and, in recent years, burrowing owl. Look also for short-eared owls, snipe, western meadowlark, and savannah, LeConte’s and clay-colored Sparrows. Also present is the prairie vole.

Special Tips: Prairie chicken booming grounds blinds can be reserved at the Crookston Chamber of Commerce, at 218-281-4320.

All of the units have small parking areas, which are easily accessible by walking due to the low prairie vegetation; however, trails are nearly non-existent.

Other Activities: Visits throughout the summer will yield the greatest variety of blooming prairie flowers, such as blazing stars and purple coneflowers.

Hunting is allowed on the WMA's.

Ownership: MN DNR 
Size: Pembina 2320 acres, Dugdale 960 acres, Tympanuchus 848 acres 
Closest Town: Crookston


Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Snipe - photo by USFWS
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Driving Directions:
From Crookston, drive southeast 5.3 miles on Highway 102 to 220th Avenue. Tympanuchus WMA is the first unit, 2 ¾ miles to the east on the south side of the road. Pembina Trail Preserve spans both sides of 220th Avenue, another four miles to the east.

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Pembina Trail, Tympanuchus & Dugdale WMA : Wildlife Viewing Area