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Blue Mounds State Park
This site is located on the uplands of the Coteau des Prairie that separates the Missouri and Minnesota River watersheds. Over 1,500 acres of prairie and grasslands make Blue Mounds one of the largest prairie parks in the state. The park lies on top of a large outcrop of Sioux quartzite that form...
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Talcot Lake WMA
Description: The WMA includes Talcot Lake and its marshes, bottomlands along the west branch of the Des Moines River, and adjacent grassland and cropland. Historically, this unit has been important for migrating waterfowl.

Wildlife to Watch: Large flocks of migratory waterfowl, particularly Canada geese, use the lake during the fall migration. The eastern prairie population of Canada geese, which nests on the west shore of Hudson Bay, stop to feed and rest at Talcot Lake during spring and fall migration. You might also see giant Canada geese nesting here in the summer.

Talcot Lake WMA is one of the largest areas set aside for wildlife in southwest Minnesota. The lake and many marsh areas in the WMA are formed by a dam on the site's east side and by 2,000 feet of dikes within the WMA.

Marshes and upland areas are managed to provide nesting habitat for many wildlife species, including American bitterns, sora and Virginia rails, common yellowthroats, northern cardinals. Indigo buntings, bobolinks, ring-necked pheasants, gray partridges, northern harriers and several species of sparrows. Mammals such as beavers, muskrats, white-tailed deer, red foxes and mink make this site their home.

Special Tips: Wildlife sanctuary-no trespassing anytime. Waterfowl refuge-no waterfowl hunting allowed. Motors are permitted on the lake (except on any day the waterfowl season is open) but are prohibited on the river and marshes at any time of the year.

Parking areas in the WMA allow wildlife to be viewed conveniently from several spots. Use primitive trails to get closer to wildlife.

Motorboats are not allowed on the lake when waterfowl season is open. Public use of the WMA is encouraged, but sanctuary areas are designated where trespassing is not permitted. A headquarters is located on the premises.

Other Activities: A county park on the south side of the lake offers recreational opportunities. Visit nearby Heron Lake while you're in the area to see more wildlife.

Ownership: MN DNR 
Size: 5130 acres 
Closest Town: Dundee

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Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Canada Goose - photo by USFWS
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Driving Directions:
This WMA lies between the towns of Westbrook and Dundee. From Westbrook, take Highway 7 south for 9 miles. The WMA and headquarters are to the west of County Road 7.

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Talcot Lake WMA : Wildlife Viewing Area