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Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve
Murphy -Hanrehan Park Reserve provides metro wildlife watchers with a prime example of an eastern mixed deciduous forest dominated by oak.<br><br>The northern part of this 2,800-acre park reserve, which includes Hanrehan Lake, is characterized by steep wooded hillsides interspersed with small, sc...
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Wolsfeld Woods Scientific and Natural Area
Description: Wolsfeld Woods is the best remaining metro-area example of the Big Woods habitat that once covered south-central Minnesota. The large sugar maples—some more than 200 years old—that dominate this 221-acre parcel can give you the feeling of walking through a woodland cathedral. The closed canopy created by these huge trees allows only the most shade-tolerant shrubs and forbs to survive, and wild flowers must bloom in early spring while the sun still reaches the forest floor.

Wolsfeld Woods was set aside to protect the natural plant and animal community and for scientific and educational purposes. The terrain is fairly steep with many small wetlands occupying the depressions between hills. A large portion of Wolsfeld Lake is surrounded by the preserve.

Wildlife to Watch: Animal species at this site include Louisiana waterthrushes, ring-necked pheasant, nesting acadian flycatchers, warblers and vireos.

Special Tips:  Wolsfeld Woods SNA Birding Checklist

You are required to stay on the trails when you visit this site, but the trail markers are limited.

Ownership: MN DNR 
Size: 221 acres 
Closest Town: Orono and Medina


Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Ring-necked Pheasant - photo by IA DNR
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Driving Directions:
Located from Long Lake 0.5 mi N on Brown Rd to Co Hwy 6.

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Wolsfeld Woods Scientific and Natural Area : Wildlife Viewing Area