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Orr Bog Walk & Kabetogama State Forest
Located in the town of Orr in St. Louis County, a trail and a boardwalk along the Pelican River provide access into a northern peatland bog and end with a view of Pelican Lake. <br><br>The surrounding Kabetogama State Forest provides remote settings where many boreal birds and mammals can be seen.
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Pine Island State Forest
Description: This vast very remote state forest in Koochiching County offers a great birding experience that ranks among the best for boreal birds in Minnesota or the Upper Midwest.

The Big Fork River and some secondary streams flow through Pine Island State a vast expanse of forested and non-forested peatlands, shrub swamp. In this vast peatland there are islands of upland pine forest hence the name Pine Island.

Wildlife to Watch: What is most attractive about birding this area is the great number of bird species associated with the boreal forest that one is apt to pick up here. Over 90 species, many specific to boreal forest, including spruce grouse, northern hawk owl, great gray owl, Connecticut warbler, Cape May Warbler, bay-breasted warbler, magnolia warbler, olive-sided flycatcher, yellow-bellied flycatcher, Philadelphia vireo. This area is also great for whip-poor-wills, common snipe and woodcock.

Special Tips: The interior of Pine Island State Forest is a remote and rugged area. During some parts of the year mosquitoes and flies can be annoying.

Roads into the heart of the area are narrow, rutted and bordered by deep ditches. Travel should be undertaken with caution. The visitor however is rewarded with wild scenery and pristine settings.

Other Activities: The Pine Island Forest is a great area for studying boreal plant communities and for finding plant species associated with sphagnum bogs. It also a great area for studying butterflies and dragonflies and listening to frog calls.

Ownership: MN DNR 
Size: 1440 square miles 
Closest Town: Big Falls and Loman

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Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Northern Hawk Owl - photo by USFWS
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Driving Directions:
The heart of this is a vast State Forest can be accessed from different points:

Access from Big Falls: Take HWY 6 or HWY 71 to Big Falls – From Big Falls take County Rd 30 West 8.5 miles then turn on the Toumey-Williams Road and Follow it for 14 to 15 miles to get to the middle of Pine Island State Forest. At this point the Fiero Rd leads north and connects with CR 32 (Black River Rd) that ends at Loman.

Access from Loman: From Big Falls continue North on US HWY 71 to State HWY 11, West on HWY 11 to Loman. From here take CR 32 to Fiero Rd.

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Pine Island State Forest : Wildlife Viewing Area