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Uppgaard Wildlife Management Area
Wildlife observation blinds, well-maintained hiking trails and scenic overlooks with benches make this site delightful for easy wildlife watching. A restored prairie and wildflower garden enhance the area, which is named after conservationist land donors Bob and Barbara Uppgaard. <br><br> In...
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Deep Portage Learning Center
Description: More than 6000 acres comprise this non-profit research and recreation area dedicated to environmental education. Visit Deep Portage on your own or participate in programs to explore the woods, water and wildlife of north central Minnesota.

The five-mile by two-mile reserve contains five lakes and twelve miles of shoreline. Glaciers carved out its spectacular deep lakes and steep hills 12,000 years ago.

Forests consist of aspen, birch, maple and oak with scattered red and white pine. A parade of wildflowers, such as hepaticas, marsh marigolds, wood anemone, bellworts, trillium, clintonia, wood lilies and fireweed come and go throughout the seasons.

Wildlife to Watch: Nashville, golden-winged, mourning and other woodland warblers frequent the area. Look for common loons, green herons, wood ducks, common goldeneyes, osprey, bald eagles, broad-winged hawks, saw-whet owls, woodpeckers, hermit thrushes, red-eyed vireos, ovenbirds and scarlet tanagers. In the springtime, listen for the “peenting” of woodcocks, hooting of barred owls, calling of whip-poor-wills and the drumming of grouse.

Deep Portage is also home to a variety of mammals. Look carefully and you might see a snowshoe hare, northern flying squirrel, beaver, coyote, bobcat, white-tailed deer or even a black bear. Check for signs of more secretive animals too, such as a fisher, otter and gray wolf.

Special Tips: A treetop observation tower gives program participants a panoramic view of the surrounding area and an opportunity to spot birds on the wing.

Other Activities: Canoeing, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, fishing and hunting allowed. Call ahead for hunting season dates.

Ownership: Cass County 
Size: 6307 acres 
Closest Town: Hackensack

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Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Deep Portage Learning Center
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Driving Directions:
Paved and most advisable route: From Hackensack, head east on County Road 5 for 5.5 miles to County Road 46. Turn south on 46 and continue for four miles to the entrance road. Turn right and continue up the hill on the gravel 2-1/2 mile driveway to the headquarters.

From Pine River, head north on County Road 44, which will turn into MN Highway 84. Drive north for l3.5 miles and turn left onto County Road 46. Continue for 3.5 miles to the entrance road.

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Deep Portage Learning Center : Wildlife Viewing Area