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Pack Creek Bear Viewing Area
Located in the Tongass National Forest, the Pack Creek Bear Viewing Area is cooperatively managed by the US Forest Service and the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game and each agency provides half the staffing. Camping is not allowed at Pack Creek but is on nearby islands. A personal wate...
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Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory
Description: The Forest Service built an observatory at the falls so that people may view feeding bears in relative safety and comfort. The observatory is accessed by a scenic boardwalk trail that begins at the mouth of Anan Bay. It is a moderately easy half mile hike along the shores of the lagoon and creek to the observatory. Upon arrival visitors must travel over a rocky shoreline to the path that is partially boardwalk. A Forest Service public recreation cabin at Anan Bay is available for those interested in spending the night. The cost for the cabin varies by season. The non-peak season charge, from 10/1 - 4/30, is $25 per night. During the peak season, from 5/1 - 9/31, the charge is $35/night. Reservations should be made well in advance through the National Recreation Reservation Service. You can reach this nationwide service by phone at 1-877-444-6777 (toll free call) or by internet at http://www.recreation.gov . Anan Bay cabin is located 1 mile from the observatory. Of the sixty passes per day limit to the wildlife observatory, 4 are held for visitors using the Anan cabin the night of arrival. The passes are good for overnight only, and must be arranged in advance with the Wrangell Ranger District, US Forest Service. Anan is accessible only by floatplane or boat. It features a ½ mile long boardwalk and observation platform with a covered shelter. For further information please contact the Observatory Site Manager, Wrangell Ranger District at 907-874-7551.

Wildlife to Watch: Anan Creek, located 30 miles southeast of Wrangell, supports one of the largest pink salmon runs in Southeast Alaska. A wide variety of fish-eating animals are attracted to the seasonal abundance. Here, visitors may see black and brown bears, bald eagles, and sea lions. Black bears are the main wildlife attraction at Anan. Black bears use the entire Anan drainage, but are most commonly seen at the falls near the observatory where they tend to congregate due to the large number of salmon. During the salmon run, from late June to late August, visitors may also see brown bears, bald eagles, several species of gulls, and harbor seals in the area.

Special Tips: Visitors must recognize that Anan is NOT a zoo or a wild animal park where animals and people are safely segregated. Bears at Anan have full access to the entire area including the trail and observatory. Never bring food to the observatory. If you plan on visiting Anan, please carefully review guidelines for behavior in bear country. The weather at Anan can often be cold and rainy, even in mid-summer. A warm jacket and rain gear are recommended. Rubber boots are also advised as the trail can be muddy at times. Hypothermia can be a hazard throughout the year. No outdoor cooler boxes or cooking at the Anan Bay cabin is allowed. Be bear aware and use food storage techniques such as bear proof boxes outside the cabin to store attractants.

Ownership: USDA Forest Service 
Size: NA 
Closest Town: Wrangell, AK

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Anan Black Bear - Photo by USDA Forest Service
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Driving Directions:
Anan Bay is accessible only by floatplane or boat; the site is located approximately 30 miles southeast of Wrangell, Alaska near the mouth of the Bradfield Canal. Several air and boat charter service companies offer trips to Anan from local communities, especially Wrangell and Ketchikan. There is a fair anchorage at Anan Bay suitable for most weather likely to be encountered in the summer. Anan Lagoon can only be entered by small boats at high tide. The lagoon often goes dry at low tide, stranding any boats that may be there. Although not prohibited, it is recommended that boats not enter the lagoon since an obvious human presence may displace wildlife and detract from the experience for other visitors.

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Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory : Wildlife Viewing Area