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Oahe Power Plant Tail Race
Description: This is the area immediate below the Oahe Powerplant at the Oahe Dam in Pierre South Dakota. This viewing area is actually where the road ends, no walking is necessary, you can set up a spotting scope on a tripod outside your car, or clip a scope on your car window and stay warm inside you vehicle. Binoculars or viewing scope is recommended. Watch for eagles roosting in large cottonwoods on the edge of river. You may also get the opportunity to see eagles catching fish. The Blue Heron Rookery is in the trees just west of the tailrace road. Also located on the national Lewis & Clark Trail.

Wildlife to Watch: Winter Bald Eagles, Migratory Waterfowl, Small Blue Heron rookery in spring. White Pelicans in summer months.

Special Tips: 

Other Activities: This viewing area is also known for very good fishing.

Ownership: US Army Corps of Engineers 
Size: Unknown 
Closest Town: Pierre, SD


Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Photo by USACOE
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Driving Directions:
Oahe Lake Tailrace is very easy to find since this is a small midwest community. Once you get to Pierre or Fort Pierre simply ask someone or call our office. (Be careful in using yahoo maps or GPS unit because our office address may lead you out in the country to a similar address middle of nowhere.) You can see the Power Plant from the bridge in Pierre.

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Oahe Power Plant Tail Race : Wildlife Viewing Area