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Jemison Lookout
Description: Late fall and winter mark the best time to see wildlife from the observation tower that juts up east of Big Sandy Creek and close to headquarters.

Wildlife to Watch: Here, you can look through a mounted spotting scope to watch flocks of waterfowl and deer herds eating crops planted just for them. Beyond the fields, look for wading birds along the shoreline and ducks in the lake. Occasionally, you'll see bald eagles perched in dead trees at the field edge. Interpretive signs help identify birds. Covered overlook with spotting scope.

Special Tips: 

Ownership: US Army Corp of Engineers 
Size: Unknown 
Closest Town: Tishomingo, Ok


Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Jemison Lookout
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Driving Directions:
From downtown Tishomingo follow Highway 78 to the eastern edge of town. Turn south on Refuge Road.

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Jemison Lookout : Wildlife Viewing Area