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Lamar Haines Memorial Wildlife Area
A window into the past, this old homestead on the south slope of the San Francisco Peaks comprises two springs in a small, scenic mountain meadow. The springs form a small creek and pond which, with large ponderosa pine, fir and aspen trees, provide excellent habitat for migrating songbirds and c...
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Wupatki National Monument
Description: Wupatki National Monument protects 56 square miles of high desert directly west of the Little Colorado River and the Navajo Reservation. Wupatki was the tallest, largest, and perhaps the richest and most influential pueblo for a brief period 800 years ago.

Wildlife to Watch: Pronghorn, mule deer, antelope ground squirrel and black-tailed jackrabbit can be found here. Common birds include the western kingbird, rock wren, black-throated sparrow, and greater roadrunner. Noisy flocks of pinyon jays can often be found in the nearby pinyon pine-juniper woodlands, along with juniper titmouse, bushtit, and hairy woodpecker. During the spring and fall, a wide array of migratory birds may be seen. Reptiles and amphibians inhabiting the area include eastern collared lizard, plateau lizard, greater short-horned lizard, striped plateau lizard, nightsnake, glossy snake, striped whipsnake, milk snake, gophersnake, and the Hopi race of prairie rattlesnake.

Special Tips: 

Other Activities: 3 separate half-mile trails to view pueblos and wildlife.

Ownership: National Park Service 
Size: 56 square miles 
Closest Town: Flagstaff

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Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Roadrunner - photo by USFWS
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Driving Directions:
From Flagstaff, take U.S. 89 north for 12 miles; turn right at sign for Sunset Crater Volcano - Wupatki National Monuments. The Visitor Center is 21 miles from this junction

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Wupatki National Monument : Wildlife Viewing Area