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Lake Bronson State Park
The park is a fine example of aspen parkland that supports a variety of wildlife from the prairie-dwelling upland sandpipers and sharp-tailed grouse, to the spectacular American elk. Lake Bronson is one of the few sizeable bodies of water in the area and provides the visitor with an excellent swi...
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Old Mill State Park
Description: Old Mill State Park is like an island of original landscape in a sea of crop land. It contains examples of how the area must have looked to the early European settlers over a century ago. The riverine forest contains most of the same plant and animal species found here originally. Small areas of oak savanna and prairie can still be found on the beach ridges. Wet prairie still survives in the lower areas.

Wildlife to Watch: The river valley that runs through the park acts as an access corridor for many species. Beaver and raccoon are common as are white-tailed jackrabbit and snowshoe hare. In spring and fall, birds migrating through this portion of Minnesota add another dimension to the park's wildlife. Warblers and finches, among others, are abundant during migration. You might even be able to observe magpies and scarlet tanagers. About 100 species of birds reside in the park. The ground nesting marsh hawk is a common summer resident. Broad-winged and red-tailed hawks hunt small animals, and eagles are often spotted passing through. Short-eared and long-eared owls have been sighted in the park.

An Old Mill State Park bird checklist can be found here.

Special Tips: Check out the park events scheduled at the park. Recreational facilities include a picnic area, picnic shelter, playground, swimming beach, volleyball court and horseshoes. In winter there is a warming house and sliding hill. The park also has an interpretive exhibit and a historic site that includes a log cabin and a working steam-powered flour mill. The grist mill still gets fired up once a year to grind flour on Old Mill Grinding Day. Visit new deal era structures including shelter building, latrine, beach house, drinking fountain, swimming beach, stone suspension bridge, and water tower.

Other Activities: This park has camping, wildlife viewing and a historic site. There are self-guided and hiking trail during summer and cross country skiing, snowmobile trails and snowshoe trails during winter months.

Ownership: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 
Size: 408 acres 
Closest Town: Newfolden

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Driving Directions:
From Newfolden, go 11 miles west on County Road 4. From Argyle, go 12 miles east on County Road 4, then 1 mile north on County Road 4 to County Road 39.

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Old Mill State Park : Wildlife Viewing Area