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Base & Meridian Wildlife Area
Base & Meridian Wildlife Area is a unique, urban riparian and marshland area, with outstanding views over the Gila River valley from Monument Hill. It was named for Monument Hill, the small mountain just south of the wildlife area where the Township and Range coordinate system for mapping all of...
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Arlington Wildlife Area
Description: The Arlington Wildlife Area is made up of open ponds, approximately 4 miles of river channel along the west bank of the Gila River, marshlands, and stands of high quality riparian habitat containing willows. Recently refurbished, the three ponds at the northwest corner of the wildlife area offer three different types of aquatic and marshland habitats. The pond areas offer excellent viewing of marshland wildlife during fall and spring.

Wildlife to Watch: The open water ponds can attract numerous waterfowl, herons, egrets, and shorebirds during migration and winter. Yuma clapper rail, common moorhen, pied-billed grebe, least bittern, common yellowthroat, Abert’s towhee, song sparrow, and yellow-headed and red-winged blackbirds nest in the wetland habitat along with mourning and white-winged doves, Gambel’s quail, verdin, and black-tailed gnatcatcher in the nearby trees and shrubs. Bobcats are surprisingly common along this section of the Gila River, and mule deer, javelina, coyote, and raccoon are also seen with regularity. The area provides habitat for numerous amphibians and reptiles that may be seen during warmer months. Sonoran Desert toad, Couch’s spadefoot, and Great Plains toad would most likely be seen near the water’s edge, while tiger whiptail, zebra-tailed, and common side-blotched lizards, common kingsnake, and gophersnake may be encountered in adjacent habitats.

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Ownership: Arizona Game & Fish Department 
Size: 1000 acres 
Closest Town: Buckeye


Best Seasons for Wildlife Viewing:

Yuma Clapper Rail - photo by USFWS
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Driving Directions:
Exit I-10 at exit 112, go south on SR 85 about 5 miles. Exit State Hwy.85 to west onto Old US 80 and follow about 15 miles to Arlington School Road. Turn right (south) and go to end of pavement at Desert Rose Lane. Follow the farm field road ½ mile further south along the same alignment as Arlington School Road to the wildlife area entrance.

For more information call 480-324-3552.

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Arlington Wildlife Area : Wildlife Viewing Area